Publikationen aus 2015:

1 High-resolution dielectric study reveals pore size-dependent orientational order of a discotic liquid crystal confined in tubular nanopores
S. Calus, A. V. Kityk, L. Borowik, R. Lefort, D. Morineau, Ch. Krause, A. Schoenhals, M. Busch und P. Huber
Physical Review E, 2015. 92: pp. 012503.
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G. Y. Gor, L. Bertinetti, N. Bernstein, T. Hofmann, P. Fratzl und P. Huber
Applied Physics Letters, 2015. 106: pp. 261901.
3 Inhomogeneous Relaxation Dynamics and Phase Behaviour of a Liquid Crystal Confined in a Nanoporous Solid
S. Calus, A. V. Kityk, M. Eich und P. Huber
Soft Matter, 2015. 11: pp. 3176
4 Fluide in porösen Medien: Ein elektrisch schaltbarer Schwamm aus nanoporösem Gold
Y. Xue, J. Markmann. H. Duan, J. Weissmüller und P. Huber
GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift, 2015. 1/2015: pp. 20
5 Soft matter in hard confinement: phase transition thermodynamics, structure, texture, diffusion and flow in nanoporous media (topical review)
P. Huber
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2015. 27: pp. 103102
6 Porous Gold with a Nested Network Architecture and Ultrafine Structure
Z. Qi, U. Vainio, A. Kornowski, M. Ritter, H. Weller, H. Jin, J. Weissmüller
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7 Electrocapillary Coupling at Rough Surfaces
Q. Deng, D. Gosslar, M. Smetanin, J. Weissmüller
PhysChemChemPhys, 2015. 17: pp. 11725-11731
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B.-N. Dinh Ngô, A. Stukowski, N. Mameka, J. Markmann, K. Albe, J. Weissmüller
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9 Nanoporous Gold based Composites – Towards Tensile Ductility
K. Wang, A. Kobler, C. Kübel, H. Jelitto, G. Schneider, J. Weissmüller
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10 Less Noble or More Noble - How Strain Affects the Binding of Oxygen on Gold
Q. Deng, V. Gopal, J. Weissmüller
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11 Nanoporous Gold – Testing Macro-Scale Samples to Probe Small-Scale Mechanical Behavior
N. Mameka, K. Wang, J. Markmann, E.T. Lilleodden, J. Weissmüller
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