Publikationen aus 2014:

1 Paranematic-to-nematic ordering of a binary mixture of rodlike liquid crystals confined in cylindrical nanochannels
S. Calus, B. Jablonska, M. Busch, D. Rau, P. Huber und A. V. Kityk
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2 Mechanical modulation of reaction rates in electrocatalysis
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S. Hoppe, A. Michl, J. Weissmüller und S. Muller
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4 Scaling laws of nanoporous metals under uniaxial compression
N. Huber, R. N. Viswanath, N. Mameka, J. Markmann und J. Weissmüller
Acta Materialia, 2014. 67: p. 252-265.
5 Thermotropic orientational order of discotic liquid crystals in nanochannels: an optical polarimetry study and a Landau-de Gennes analysis
A. V. Kityk, M. Busch, D. Rau, S. Calus, C. V. Cerclier, R. Lefort, D. Morineau, E. Grelet, C. Krause, A. Schoenhals, B. Frick und P. Huber
Soft Matter, 2014. 10: p. 4522-4534.
6 Spatial Variation of Molecular Dynamics in the Nanoconfined Glass-Former Methanol
A. V. Kityk, P. Huber, R. Pelster und K. Knorr
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014. 118: p. 12548-12554.
7 Solid phases of spatially nanoconfined oxygen: A neutron scattering study
D. Kojda, D. Wallacher, S. Baudoin, T. Hansen, P. Huber und T. Hofmann
Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014. 140: p. 024705.
8 Vibrational density of states of triphenylene based discotic liquid crystals: dependence on the length of the alkyl chain
C. Krause, R. Zorn, F. Emmerling, J. Falkenhagen, B. Frick, P. Huber und A. Schoenhals
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014. 16: p. 7324-7333.
9 Electrical stiffness modulation-confirming the impact of surface excess elasticity on the mechanics of nanomaterials
N. Mameka, J. Markmann, H.-J. Jin und J. Weissmüller
Acta Materialia, 2014. 76: p. 272-280.
10 Protein Adsorption into Mesopores: A Combination of Electrostatic Interaction, Counterion Release, and van der Waals Forces
S. T. Moerz und P. Huber
Langmuir, 2014. 30: p. 2729-2737.
11 Switchable imbibition in nanoporous gold
Y. Xue, J. Markmann, H. Duan, J. Weissmüller, J. & Huber, P.
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12 Crack Mitigation during Dealloying of Au25Cu75
Y. Zhong, J. Markmann, H.-J. Jin, Y. Ivanisenko, L. Kurmanaeva und J. Weissmüller
Advanced Engineering Materials, 2014. 16: p. 389-398.
13 The spontaneous formation of nano patterns in velocity-dependent dip-coated organic films: from dragonflies to stripes
Tomas P. Corrales, Mengjun Bai, Valeria Del Campo, Pia Homm, Piero Ferrari, Armand Diama, Christian Wagner, Haskell Taub, Klaus Knorr, Moshe Deutsch, Maria Jose Retamal, Ulrich G. Volkmann und Patrick Huber
ACS Nano, 2014. 8: p. 9954-9963
14 Molecular ordering of the discotic liquid crystal HAT6 confined in mesoporous solid
S. Całus, A. V. Kityk und P. Huber
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15 Molecular dynamics of pyrene-based discotic liquid crystals confined in nanopores probed by incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering
Makha Ndao, Ronan Lefort, Carole Cerclier, Remi Busselez, Denis Morineau, Bernhard Frick, Jacques Olivier, Eric Grelet, Andriy V. Kityk, Patrick Huber
RSC Advances, 2014. 4: p. 59358-59369
16 Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles at the Oil-Vapor Interface: From Mono- to Multilayers
Philip Born, Volker Schoen, Susanne Blum, Dominik Gerstner, Patrick Huber, Tobias Kraus
Langmuir, 2014. 30: p. 13176-13181
17 Towards bio-silicon interfaces: Formation of an ultra-thin self-hydrated artificial membrane composed of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) and Chitosan deposited in high vacuum from the gas-phase
Maria J Retamal, Marcelo A. Cisternas, Sebastian E. Gutierrez-Maldonado, Tomas Perez-Acle, Birger Seifert, Mark Busch, Patrick Huber, Ulrich G. Volkmann
Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014. 141: no. 104201 (7 pages)