Publikationen aus 2001:

Nanocrystalline Materials B - A Way to Solids with Tunable Electronic Structure and Proper­ties?

H. Gleiter, J. Weissmüller, O. Wollersheim, and R. Würschum
Acta materialia 49 (2001), 737‑745.

Structural Evolution and Phase-Formation in Cold-Rolled Foils of Aluminum-Nickel Multilayer Structures

H. Sieber, J.S. Park, J. Weissmüller, and J. Perepezko
Acta materialia 49 (2001), 1139-1151.

Analysis of the Small-Angle Neutron Scattering of Nanocrystalline Ferromagnets using a Micromag­netics Model

J. Weissmüller, A. Michels, J.G. Barker, A. Wiedenmann, U. Erb, and R.D. Shull
Physical Review B 63 (2001), 214414/1 - 214414/18.

Chemo-Elastic Equilibrium in Nanocrystalline Pd-Au-H

J. Weissmüller, C. Lang, and C. Lemier
Scripta materialia 44 (2001), 1899-1903.

Magnetic Small-Angle Neutron Scattering by Nanocrystalline Terbium

J. Weissmüller, D. Michels, A. Michels, A. Wiedenmann, C.E. Krill, H.-M. Sauer, and R. Birringer
Scripta materialia 44 (2001), 2357-2361.

Comment on <Magnetic Correlations in Nanostructured Ferromagnets>

J. Weissmüller and A. Michels
Physical Review Letters 87 (2001), 149701.

Advanced Alumina Composites Reinforced with Titanium-based Alloys

R. Günther, T. Klassen, B. Dickau, F. Gärtner, A. Bartels, R. Bormann
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2001), Vol. 84 (7), pp. 1509-1513

Solid Ar, N-2, CO, and O-2 in nanopores

Wallacher, D., Huber, P. and Knorr, K.
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 122 , 3-4: 313-322.

Diffraction study of solid oxygen embedded in porous glasses

Wallacher, D., Ackermann, R., Huber, R., Enderle, M. and Knorr, K.
Physical Review B, 6418 ,18: 4203-+.

Pairing interactions and Gibbs adsorption at the liquid Bi-In surface: A Resonant X-Ray Reflectivity Study

DiMasi, E., Tostmann, H., Shpyrko, O. G., Huber, P., Ocko, B. M., Pershan, P. S., Deutsch, M. and Berman, L. E.
Physical Review Letters, 86 ,8: 1538-1541.