Publikationen aus 1996:

Relating Magnetic Properties and Microstructure in Inert-Gas Condensed Y-Fe Alloys

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Precipitation in Nanocrystalline Al-Ag Prepared by Inert Gas Condensation and by Me­chanical Alloying

P.G. Höckel and J. Weissmüller
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Determination of concentration depth profiles using total-reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometry in combination with ion-beam etching.

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Review of Scientific Instruments, 1996. 67(6): p. 2332-2336.

Deformation modes in gamma-TiAl as derived from the single crystal yield surface

H. Mecking, C. Hartig and U. F. Kocks
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Taylor factors in materials with many deformation modes

H. Mecking, U.F. Kocks and C. Hartig
Scripta Materialia (1996) 35 p.465-471.