Thesis topics

Please find below a list of current thesis topics you may apply for. 

  • Managerial Behavior in Budgeting: An Agent-Based Replication Study - Description
  • Improving Vignette Survey Quality using AI-generated Responses - Description
  • Individual and social influences on occputational fraud: A systematic literature review - Description
  • Benford's Law in Fraud Detection: A Systematic Literature Review with Implications for Internal Auditing in Organizations - Description
  • Different Types of Behavioral Control – Alternatives or Complements? - Description
  • Empirical reference of simulated production environmentsA systematic literature review of industry studies from Axiomatic Design theory - Description
  • Measuring Costs of Bedside Care: Do German Hospitals Need a “Pflegebudget 2.0”?” - Description
  • Your own topic suggestion based on our research directions.