OnChainRisk - Development of an online knowledge platform for cross-company supply chain risk management in crisis situations

An unchanged high level of interest in supply chain risk management has been observed over the past two decades in both academic and practical environments. Due to the high level of uncertainty and the associated risks in global supply chains, it is of high importance for companies to identify the range of possible risks and their interconnectivity. In particular, crisis situations such as the ongoing global COVID 19 pandemic clearly show the vulnerability of companies and their supply chains.

The aim of the project is to develop a web-based knowledge platform for the implementation of a cross-company SCRM for crisis situations. The currently prevailing COVID-19 pandemic is used as an example of a crisis situation in this context.

The use of the online knowledge platform provides companies with methods and approaches as well as detailed guidelines for the implementation of cross-company SCRM. Guides and results from the expert interviews will also be incorporated into the online platform so that companies can create an initial SCRM roadmap.


Project period: 09/21 - 08/22


Contact Person:


Ayman Nagi

Research Associate

E-Mail: ayman.nagi@tuhh.de

Telephone: +49 40 42878 4561