WuD – Hydrogen and Derivates Group

Hydrogen and its derivatives are considered important energy carriers for a climate-neutral society due to their cross-sectoral applications and comparatively good storage and transport capabilities compared to electrical energy. Especially in so-called "hard-to-abate" applications, such as aviation or steel production, molecule-based energy carriers are seen as an important component for achieving binding climate protection goals.

Against this backdrop, the "Hydrogen and Derivatives" research group focuses on modeling, analysis, and evaluation of the production and provision of hydrogen-based energy carriers. A key objective is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for decarbonizing various sectors and to assess and potentially further develop existing and discussed concepts. For the techno-economic and ecological evaluation of such processes and concepts, a variety of methods and approaches such as simulations, optimizations, potential analyses, and life cycle assessments are used, relying on software packages such as Aspen Plus, Python, and Matlab.

The investigations encompass the production, provision, and use of electricity and biomass-based energy carriers. In addition to hydrogen, the focus is also on other gaseous hydrogen derivatives such as methane and ammonia, as well as liquid hydrogen-based energy carriers such as naphtha, kerosene, methanol, and ethanol. The thematic focuses of this research group include:

  • Hydrogen production and provision chains considering various derivatives such as liquid hydrogen, LOHCs, methane, methanol, and ammonia
  • Production of hydrocarbon-based energy carriers, e.g., via Fischer-Tropsch and methanol synthesis
  • Sustainability regulation of alternative energy carriers according to RED II and the ETS
  • Carbon dioxide capture, availability, and provision for subsequent use via hydrogen for hydrocarbon synthesis

The research group "Hydrogen and Derivatives" contributes to gaining scientifically sound insights into the decarbonization of the global, national, and local energy systems, as well as developing and evaluating innovative solutions to shape a sustainable and low-emission evolution of our energy supply. Here you can find the most recent scientific publications.

We appreciate your interest in our research and warmly invite you to learn more about our work. If you have any questions or are interested in collaboration, please feel free to contact us.

Group Leader: Dr. Jelto Lange