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The Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics sets great value upon teaching. In addition to several courses offered to students of the TUHH, the institute is involved in national and international educational projects: e.g. a student exchange with Jordan universities, Erasmus+ / DAAD projects, RECREEW Spring School and an „integral“ advanced training program for refugee-engineers. For further information see the navigation bar.

The following list contains the courses of the IUE open for students of TUHH this semester. Students can find further information on Stud.IP.


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Contaminated Sites and Landfilling (HÜ)
This course is part of the module: Geochemical Engineering
Dr. Marco Ritzkowski, Dr. Joachim Gerth
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The part Contaminated Sites gives an introduction into different scales of pollution and identifies key pollutants.  Geochemical attenuation  mechanisms and the role of organisms are highlighted affecting the fate of pollutants in leachate and groundwater. Techniques for site characterization and remediation are discussed including economical aspects.

The part Landfilling is introduced by discussing fundamental aspects and the worldwide situation of waste management. The lecture highlights transformation processes in landfill bodies, emissions of gases and leachate, and the long-term behaviour of landfill sites with measures of aftercare.

(Geb. M, Raum 0526)
SoSe 23
Thu.. 14:30 - 15:15 (weekly)
First appointment: Thursday, 06.04.2023 14:30 - 15:15, Room: (Geb. M, Raum 0526)
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645 - Geochemical Engineering<ul><li>645 - Geochemical Engineering: Klausur schriftlich</li></ul>
Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH)
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