Project Overview

The work packages of the InnoAge project cover a comprehensive range of topics related to innovation and product development for aging users comprising the macro (markets in national economies) and micro-level (the individual user). Moreover, projects cover the product lifecycle divided into the two major phases of innovation and diffusion.

  • WP1 focuses on the market level along product innovation and the early phases of diffusion of a product.
  • WP3 and WP4 analyze characteristics and behavior of the individual users and therefore focus on the micro level.
  • WP2 analyzes the meso-level of user networks. These user networks are an important link to transfer findings from the micro level to the macro level and back.
  • WP5 combines the micro and meso level in the diffusion phase by simulating the behavior of individual users in networks during the diffusion phase.

This simulation could potentially be extended to the diffusion on the macro level or to user innovators on the micro level.

Finally, a further (external working package) focuses on the determinants of job satisfaction in aging workforces.