We conduct regular project meetings at TUHH. During the meetings, each project member presents the status quo of her or his project. Please find an overview of past meetings below:

Project Meeting (13 November 2013)

16.00-17.20 Workshop and Application Planning: All Project Members

17.30-17.50 Project Update: Klaus Iffländer

17.50-18.15 Project Update: Sandra Pakur

18.15-18.40 Project Update: Iris Lorscheid

18.40-19.00 Project Update: Nils Levsen


Project Meeting (30 May 2013)

14.00-14.15 Welcome & Intoduction of New Project Members

14.15-14.45 Project Update: Iris Lorscheid

14.45-15.15 Project Update: Sandra Pakur  

15.30-16.00 Project Update: Kaus Iffländer

16.00-16.15 Project Update: Konstantin Wellner

16.15-16.30 Project Organisation

16.30-17.00 Open Forum: Finances & Folgeantrag


Project Meeting (29 January 2013)

14.00-14.30 Project Update: Konstantin Wellner

14.30-14.15 Project Update: Kaus Iffländer

14.45-15.00 Project Update: Nils Levsen

15.20-15.35 Project Update: Iris Lorscheid

15.35-15.50 Project Organisation

15.50-16.20 Open Discussion: Nacht des Wissens


Project Meeting (07 November 2012)

9.00-9.30 Determinants of Employee Satsifaction in Aging Workforces: Update (David Drabe)

9.30-10.00 Discussion of Product Selection for Working Packages 2 + 4 ( Sandra Pakur & Klaus Iffländer)

10.00-10.15 Information & Knowledge Flows in Aging User's Social Networks: Update (Klaus Iffländer) 

10.15-10.30 Aging Users Technology/and Innovation Acceptance: Update (Sandra Pakur)

10.45-11.05 User Innovators in the Silver Market: Update (Konstantin Wellner) 

11.05-11.25 Lead Markets in Age-Based Innovation: Update (Nils Levsen) 

11.25-11.45 Agent-Based Modeling & Simulation: Update (Iris Lorscheid) 

11.45-12.00 Project Organisation (Dr. Nicole Richter)


Guest Lecture (26 July 2012)

14.00-14.30 Technology and Innovation Acceptance (Sandra Pakur)

14.30-16.00 Attributes to Product Innovation and their Adoption and Discussion (Prof. Dr. John Ettlie, Rochester Institute of Technology (, Prof. Dr. Christian Ringle)


Method Meeting (27 June 2012)

14.00-14.50 Opening the ‘Black Box’ of Simulation (Iris Lorscheid)

14.50-15.00 The PLS Agent (Sandra Pakur) 

15.00-16.30 Discussion and Next Steps in Method Advancement (Prof. Gudergan, University of Newcastle (, Prof. Meyer, Prof. Ringle, Iris Lorscheid, Sandra Pakur)


Project Meeting (06 June 2012)

14.00-14.30 User Innovators in the Silver Market (Konstantin Weller)

14.30-15.00 Lead Markets in Age-Based Innovation: Update (Nils Levsen)

15.00-15.30 The PLS Agent (Iris Lorscheid & Sandra Pakur)

15.45-16.15 Information & Knowledge Flows in Aging User's Social Networks: Update (Klaus Iffländer)

16.15-16.30 Project Organisation (Dr. Nicole Richter)

16.30-17.00 Project Integration, Review & Revision of the First Joint Paper (Project Team)


Methodology Meeting (07 May 2012)  

9.00-10.00 The PLS-Agent (Iris Lorscheid & Sandra Pakur)

10.00-11.00 Discussion and Next Steps in Method Advancement  (Professors Meyer & Ringle, Iris Lorscheid & Sandra Pakur)  


Project Meeting (11 April 2012)

9.10-9.50 Lead Markets in Age-Based Innovation  (Nils Levsen)

9.50-10.30 Information & Knowledge Flows in Aging Consumer’s Social Networks   Klaus Iffländer10.40-11.20 The Technology Acceptance Model  (Sandra Pakur)

11.20-12.00 Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation  (Iris Lorscheid)


Methodology Meeting (26 March 2012)

9.00-10.00 PLS-Path Modeling  (Professor Ringle, David Drabe & Sandra Pakur)

10.00-10.45 Agent-Based Simulation  (Iris Lorscheid)

10.45-11.30 Discussion (Professors Meyer & Ringle, Iris Lorscheid, Sandra Pakur & David Drabe)


Project Kick-Off Workshop (20 January 2012)

10.00-10.45 Welcome and Short Introduction into the Project (Professors Herstatt, Lüthje, Meyer & Ringle)

11.00-11.30 Germany & Japan: Lead Markets for Age-Based Innovations  (Patrick Bauer)

11.30-12.00 Information & Knowledge Flows in Aging Consumer’s Social Networks  (Klaus Iffländer)

13.00-13.30 Satisfaction Driver Models and PLS-Path Modeling (Sandra Pakur & David Drabe)

13.30-14.00 Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (Iris Lorscheid)

14.15-16.45 Project Management  (Professor Meyer & Dr. Richter)

17.00-19.00 Design and Market Products and Services for Aging Users (Matthias Knigge - grauwert)