Master- Study- und Projectworks

The Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics offers a large number of Master- Bachelor- and Project-Works. In those we cover all relevant areas of mechatronics design. Our topics originate from research-questions and compose from topics out of energy-engineering, system-optimization, electrical measurement technology, robotics, haptic perception, actuator- sensor- and motor-development.

As all of our topics are tuned according to the students showing interest we do not make general postings for works anymore. If we do, you will find them on the central page of the ZLL.

Furthermore we created a less formal page in our confluence environment to collect current topics:

Alternatively we recommend to go in the area of interest of the researcher/member of the institute. For better orientation we did a small table with typical areas and persons to contact. Feel free to message them directly if you want to make any kind of work in their area of expertise.


Research Area Researcher Typical Topic Areas for Student-Works  
Rehabilitation & Assistance Alireza Abbashiemoshaei Control-Engineering, Mechanical Design, Actuator Development, User-Studies, Software-Design  
Rehabilitation & Haptic Perception Fady Youssef Control-Engineering, Robotics, Haptic-Perception-Studies, User-Studies, Kinematics   
Maritime Power-Networks Jana Ihrens Component Modelling, System-Design  
Maritime Power-Networks Timon Hartwich System-Optimization, System-Modelling  
Maritime Sensor-Platforms Julius Harms Electromagnetic Sensors, Energy-Harvesting Generators, Electronic & SW-System-Design  
Visual Human-Machine Interfaces Sravan Shelam Robotics, 2D and 3D Image Processing, Measurement Technology  
Electrical Impedance Tomography Dennis Kähler High-Performance Measurement Electronics, 3D measurement data processing  
Motor- & Actuator-Design Thorsten A. Kern main contact for external works, motor units for transportation, actuators for haptic HMIs