SYLVIA - A synergetic approach for novel modules, monuments and systems of future aircraft cabins

The overall objective of the project is a synergetic optimization of cabin modules, monuments and systems. Dedicated zones in the cabin will be analyzed holistically and an existing module context will be extended to a zone. The interfaces to the aircraft will be standardized across all modules in a zone.

Sub-project: Technological principles for the synergetic design of the cabin area: Entrance, Galley, Lavatory

Targets in the sub-project of the Institute for Aircraft Cabin Systems are the management and the analysis of text-based requirements and the transition to a model-based methodology to be used on tier 1 supplier level. For this purpose, methods and tools for model-based architecture and system design on a tier 1 supplier level will be evaluated and implemented.

Project duration: January 01, 2014 - August 31, 2016
Funding code: 20K1301C

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on the basis of a decision
by the German Bundestag

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