KomKab: Communicating Cabin

The objective of the project Communicating Cabin is to improve comfort and efficiency of a modern aircraft cabin. The overall consideration of cabin procedures, new synergistic applications, communication practices, and new lighting scenarios shall result in increased cabin systems reliability and availability.

Subproject: Digital ramp agent

Besides the cabin procedures the corresponding ramp operations have to be considered as well. In the subproject "Digital ramp agent" the Institute of Aircraft Cabin Systems specifies physical processes and information exchange at the interface between cabin and ramp. As a result the specification is an executable model, which will be realized by using a standardized modelling language. This model will be used to define a technological concept. Next, an implementation for chosen areas will be realized. A validation of the model will be done in a field test. For this purpose rapid prototyping procedures will be used, which enable the integration of real hardware components of innovative information and communication systems into the model.

Project duration of sub-project: January 01, 2016 - March 31, 2019
Funding program: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Funded by:

on the basis of a decision
by the German Bundestag

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