SIMKAB - Fundamental technologies for a lightweight and simplified cabin

The project consortium is developing innovative technologies from the fields of lighting systems, materials, acoustics, cabin supply systems, cabin management systems and freight systems which lead to greater efficiency, modularity, flexibility and therefore a standardized cabin with lowered complexity.

Sub-project: Authentication and user roles as a partial aspect of cabin management systems in commercial aircraft

The sub-project is aiming at an elimination of the existing decentralized management of access codes for control and operating devices in aircraft. A way forward to a centralized management for authentication via electronic ID documents is intended. A System Security Concept for a flexible and standardized user interface with reduced complexity is developed and demonstrated. The approach is based on an assignment of user roles to the cabin crew and on authentication of crew members within the flight attendant area. Electronic and contactless ID documents and an adapted human machine interface are used.

Project duration: October 01, 2010 – April 30, 2013
Funding code: 20K0805O

Funded by:

on the basis of a decision
by the German Bundestag

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