iCabin - The Intelligent Cabin

The Intelligent Cabin inter-connects information from sophisticated cabin systems to an overall cabin condition enabling new innovative digital passenger, cabin crew and airline services.

For a safe and passenger-friendly air transport, the aircraft cabin as a whereabouts and work system must be more adapted to the airline’s and passenger’s needs. The digitalization of cabin processes allows to introduce innovative operational, logistics and MRO concepts. The iCabin consortium focuses on the following primary objectives:

  • the development of a communication standard for an intelligent cabin network,
  • the introduction of predictive maintenance for cabin systems, including standardized interfaces,
  • the interconnection of currently independent and separated cabin systems, e.g. seats, galleys, lavatories and surfaces, via the cabin network.

The complexity of the iCabin project with all its many partners require on the one hand due to the broad scope a comprehensive system’s engineering approach. On the other hand, within the sub-projects, a high level of detail must be achieved for the system development.

Contribution of the Institute of Aircraft Cabin Systems

The Institute of Aircraft Systems supports the iCabin project with Systems Engineering methods and tools and contributes to the system design of the intelligent cabin networks as well as to the system design of the intelligent galleys and lavatories.

For this, the institute uses its knowledge on aircraft cabin systems and the method and tools required for the development of such systems. Furthermore, the institute pursues a rearrangement of the safety-relevant operational and commercial-oriented business processes and thereby paves the way for novel digital cabin products. A wireless architecture with interfaces to all stakeholders enables the digital transformation of the cabin in the air transportation system. For the design of this architecture, the institute uses its knowledge on aircraft cabin systems and modern tools and methods for a model-based system design.

Project duration: Januar 01, 2018 – March 31, 2021

Funded by:

on the basis of a descision
by the German Bundestag

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