SiLuFra - Secure air cargo transport chain: concepts, strategies and technologies for secure and efficient air freight transport chains

The overall project aims to increase aviation security, while increasing, or at least preserving the efficiency of the value adding business activities in air freight. The main focus in the project is not on the elaboration and implementation of additional technology components, but on introducing procedural and organizational measures in consideration of economic aspects. It is based on a process-oriented project approach, which takes into account the overall process chain and involves all stakeholders and actors.

Sub-project: Model-based specification of system architecture and functional solution

In the sub-project of the Institute for Aircraft Cabin Systems, a model-based specification is designed and developed for the air freight transport chain. This is a novelty because currently there is no comprehensive and formal representation of stakeholders, processes, interfaces and communication channels available. Objective of the project is to develop a methodology for a scientifically standardized, manageable and transferable formal specification of a secure and efficient air freight transport chain. The result is a high-level meta-model of air cargo with a representation of existing and future process chains, which uses a standardized modeling language.

Project Duration: July 01, 2013 - June 30, 2017
Funding Code: 13N12729

Funded by:

on the basis of a decision
by the German Bundestag

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