Courses in the Summer Term

Wireless Systems for Mobile Applications

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Kölpin


  • Mobile radio channel: radio channel properties, radio channel modeling, modulation techniques, digital modulation

  • Mobile communication systems: Car-2-X, hybrid and ultra-low power communication systems (wake-up receivers, sub-GHz systems, RFID)

  • Radar: Pulse, Doppler and Continuous Wave, FMCW radar


Microwave Semiconductor Devices and Circuits I

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Kölpin


  • Amplifier: S-Parameters, stability, gain definitions; Bipolar Junction Transistor and HBT, MESFET and HEMT; Circuit applications, nonlinear distortions, low noise and power amplifier

  • Mixer: Conversion matrix analysis; pn- and Schottky-diode, FET; Circuit applications, conversion gain and noise figure

  • Oszillator: Oscillation start-up, steady state operation, stability; IMPATT-diode, Gunn-element, FET; oscillator stabilization

  • Linear passive circuits: Planar microwave circuits, quarterwave matching circuits and discontinuities, lowpass-filter and bandpass-filter synthesis

  • Design of active circuits


Machine Learning in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Kölpin


Modern high-frequency systems benefit massively from machine learning methods. In applications where rule-based algorithms reach their limits, these data-driven approaches enable a significant increase in resolution and accuracy. This is exemplified by current research challenges, namely for the classification of targets in autonomous driving radar systems, radar-based gesture recognition for smart home applications and device control as well as in the field of medical technology for the contactless monitoring of human vital signs.

Courses in the Winter Term

Circuit Theory

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing Fabian Lurz


  • Circuit theorems

  • N-port circuits

  • Periodic excitation of linear circuits

  • Transient analysis in time domain

  • Transient analysis in frequency domain; Laplace Transform

  • Frequency behaviour of passive one-ports

Microwave Engineering

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Kölpin


  • Antennas: Analysis - Characteristics - Realizations

  • Radio Wave Propagation

  • Transmitter: Power Generation with Vacuum Tubes and Transistors

  • Receiver: Preamplifier - Heterodyning - Noise

  • Selected System Applications

Microwave Semiconductor Devices and Circuits II

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Kölpin


  • Frequency multiplier: Harmonic balance, noise in nonlinear circuits; Step Recovery Diode, FET; circuit synthesis, large signal, noise, and stability analysis

  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) circuit design: Stability and stability circles, gain and gain circles, noise, noise figure and noise figure circles

  • Mixer, oscillator: Measurement techniques (Network analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, Frequency generator)

  • Design of active circuits

Additionally to this module a practical exercise is offered where students design, build and evaluate komponents of a X-band satellite receiver (Low-Noise Amplifier, Mixer, Oscillator) in small groups.

Courses in every Term

Seminar on Microwave Engineering


  • Seminar talks on selected subjects