Foto: Christian Schmid

Anechoic Chamber

Characterization of active and passive antennas between 2 and 50GHz

  •     Spherical near and far field measurements
  •     Size: ca. 7m x 3.3m x 3.3m (LxWxH)
  •     Shielding effectiveness: 80dB at 18GHz
  •     Cylindrical quiet zone (-35dB): 0.5 x 0.5m (DxH)
  •     Frequency range can be extended up to 110GHz
  •     Roll-over-Azimuth Positioning System
  •     Angular Resolution (3-axial) < 0.02°
  •     Automated data acquisition for up to 3 axes
  •     Post-processing (Software ARCS), e.g., for time gating and microwave holography

Vector Network Analyzer

  •     Two-Port analyzer up to 110 GHz with time-domain option
  •     Four-Port analyzer up to 50 GHz
  •     Amplifier and mixer measurements
  •     Direct access to source- und receiver ports
  •     Automatic and manual calibration kits

Spectral and Scalar Measurements

  •     Signal sources up to 110 GHz
  •     Spectrum analyzers up to 110 GHz
  •     Vector-spectrum analyzers up to 40 GHz
  •     Power meters up to 110 GHz

High Frequency Probing

  •     Two manual Probe Stations
  •     Millimeter-wave extensions
  •     Probes up to 110 GHz

Time Domain Measurements

  •     Oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz
  •     Up to 1 Gsamples/s


  •     Various coaxial and waveguide components
  •     Remotely controllable climate cabinet
  •     Material characterization