RF circuit on Rogers substrate.

Circuit Board Manufacturing

  • Broad material basis
    • FR4
    • Rogers 4000 Series
    • Alumina (Al203) Substrate
    • PTFE-Substrate (RO5880)
    • TMM
    • LCP
  • Photolithography
    • Structuring/etching of copper and gold plated circuit boards
    • Highly accurate photoresist-films for resolutions of below 100µm
    • Spin-coated photoresist for high resolutions up to 20µm
    • Vias in the Blackhole process with Reverse-Pulse-Plating
      • Micro-vias with less than 200µm diameter
      • Blind-vias
    • Gold-plating of circuit boards
    • Brushing of circuit boards
    • Spin-coating of thin layers
  • Multilayer designs
    • Multilayer press up to 300°C
    • Broad material basis
      • FR4, RO4450, RO3908, RO3001
  • Drilling and milling
    • CNC circuit board plotter (with high-speed spindle)
    • Drilling of circuit boards: down to 0.1mm holes at 100,000rpm
    • Milling of conducting paths
    • Vacuum table for flexible materials
    • 2.5D milling
    • Blind holes

Packaging Technology

  • Fineplacer for small components and semiconductors
    • Flip-Chip
    • Integrated heating module
  • Ball-Bonder
    • Production of BGA
  • Wedge-Bonder
    • Wire-bonds on MMIC
  • Reflow-Oven
  • Soldering station with microscope
    • Broad selection of soldering pastes
    • Hot air
    • Fine soldering tips
  • Soldering paste dispenser
Multilayer circuit board with vias.


  •     Elektroforming, e.g., for antennas and waveguides
  •     Vias for circuit boards
  •     Metal plating plastics
Millimeter-wave circuit with active and passive components assembled at the IHF.

3D Printer

  • Formlabs SLA printer
    • Different materials, e.g., clear/tough plastic
    • Layer thickness down to 25µm