Zeiss Supra 55 VP (FEG SEM)

The Zeiss Supra 55 VP scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) from Zeiss.

The microscope has a Field Emission Gun (FEG). In combination with the improved GEMINI® column, it achieves high image resolutions over the entire voltage range.

The "VP" in the name stands for "Variable Pressure" and means that, in addition to conventional investigations in high vacuum (HV mode), it is also possible to investigate samples at chamber pressures up to 1.33 mbar (VP mode). On the one hand, the VP mode enables the examination of "humid" samples and, due to the way it works in the VP mode, also of electrically non-conductive or only slightly conductive materials without sputter them with conductive elements such as gold.

In addition to an Everhart-Thornley detector (SE2 detector) and the VP-SE detector (VP mode), our Zeiss Supra 55 VP also provide an "In-lens" detector and a 4-quadrant backscattered electron detector (QBSD).

The sample chamber of the Zeiss Supra is relatively large, so that also big samples can be examined.

Due to its equipment, the Zeiss Supra is particularly suitable for examining nanostructures. A special feature of our Zeiss Supras is the very good equipment with analytical methods from OXFORD INSTRUMENTS: EDX element analysis with a 80 mm² silicon drift EDS detector (SDD), WDS and EBSD. (SEM with FEG cathode)

The most important specifications are listed below:


1.0nm at 15kV

1.7nm at 1kV

3.5nm at 0.2kV

2.0 nm at 30 kV (VP mode)

VP Mode Pressure: 

2 - 133 Pa, adjustable in 1 Pa steps

Zeiss Supra 55 VP, Photo: Timmermann, ca. 2016
Probentisch des Zeiss Supra 55 VP, Foto: Timmermann, ca. 2014
  • Zeiss Supra 55 VP FEG-SEM with Variable Pressure Mode (VP-Mode), EDS, WDS und EBSD (Building H, Room -1.24D , Person in Charge: Jens Timmermann, Tel.: -4575, Substitute: Tobias Krekeler, Tel.:-4667 and Martin Ritter, Tel.: -3544)