How to use the BeEM service?

In order to be able to use the devices and methods of the BeEM, you must first submit an application for use. You can download the application form here.

After your application has been reviewed, a consultation will take place with Dr. Martin Ritter the leader of the BeEM.

Once it has been determined which devices and methods you need for your work, the responsible BeEM employee will instruct you on these devices and methods. The responsible employee will contact you to arrange a consultation appointment. A list of responsibilities for the single devices and methods can be found here.

After the instruction appointment combined with a safety briefing, you can book appointments yourself via our web-based booking and billing system for electron microscopy (BASE).


<<== Clicking on the BASE2 button on the left takes you directly to our BASE booking and accounting system. Instructed users with a BASE account can book appointments online there.


Please note that access to BASE is only possible from the TUHH network and from the network of the Helmholtz Center in Geesthacht (Hereon)!