Our Service

As a central unit we provide instrumentation, methods and expertise in electron microscopy and micro-analysis for all members of the university. In addition, we offer microscopy-related services to other institutions and contract work to external customers.

Our services also include sample preparation and computer-assisted image processing and data analysis.

1. TUHH users

Generally, users of our facility work independently at the microscopes and other devices. For safety reasons, all users have to be trained to work with the equipment.

To gain access first discuss your needs with the head of the unit or a member of the microscopy staff. Then, fill in the appropriate access form and return it to a member of staff. The form can be downloaded here.

No training or access with be given unless the forms have been signed and returned. If you have any question, please ask Dr. Martin Ritter.

2. External requests

Please write or call Dr. Martin Ritter.