EU Seventh Framework Program
Preparing for Extreme and Rare Events in Coastal Regions

The PEARL project aims at developing adaptive risk management strategies for coastal communities focusing on extreme hydro-meteorological events, with a multidisciplinary approach integrating social, environmental and technical research and innovation. PEARL will consider all fundamentals in the risk governance cycle, focusing on the enhancement of forecasting, prediction and early warning capabilities and the building of resilience and reduction of risk through learning from experience and the avoidance of past mistakes. The project is organized in eight different work packages addressing different aspects of the holistic flood risk management (WP1-WP6), dissemination (WP7) and the project management activities (WP8).

Project details

Total cost6,474,834.28 €
European Commission contribution4,998,851.04 €
Duration4 years (2014-2018)
Start date01 January 2014
Consortium24 partners from 13 countries
Project Coordinator

Dr Zoran Vojinovic

UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands

The role of TUHHWP leader on the case study areas, the member of the Project Management Group (PMG), responsible for the German case study (The Elbe Estuary)
Project web
Key wordsExtreme hydro-meteorological events, holistic risk, governance, multi-hazard risk assessment, early warning, active stakeholder participation
Contact Person:

Natasa Manojlovic

Angelika Gruhn