TUNE - Campus Management

TUNE is the campus management system of the TUHH. You'll be able to see the most important organizational information all around your studies there.

To sign in to TUNE please click on TUHH-Login in the upper right corner and sign in with your TUHH account.

Please be advised that eventually still existing applicant profiles from former semesters are not usable.

You'll be directed to TUNE with the following link tune.tuhh.de.

How to TUNE

TUNE offers you many features for managing your studies by yourself which you can find on the website. In the following you can find some instructions concerning the most important topics:

Exam Registration Schedule Exercises Room Schedule Reports Thesis registration


Assignment of NTAs
Courses in the non-technical offer (NTA) are enrolled via a special procedure in Stud.IP.

Language courses
Since the language courses at TUHH are conducted in cooperation with external providers, registration and grading take place via special online forms.
Special Master’s German courses are offered for students in the English-language Master’s degree programmes. Information and the online registration form can be found here.
Information and the link to registration and classification for the general language courses can be found here.
Please also take note of the information on crediting for language courses in the NTA area..

TUNE and StudIP
TUNE distinguishes between courses that are limited to places, for which a real occupancy is required, and open courses that do not require occupancy. There are different admission procedures for courses with limited space. These are described in the tutorials Exercises and Schedule.
An additional registration for courses on StudIP may still be required, as information and file exchange takes place via this platform. Please contact your teacher for further information.


If you open tune.tuhh.de and log in you'll be on the homepage of TUNE. There you can see important linkings that you'll need for the features that are described in the instrictions. At the bottom you can switch the language to english.

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My Studies

The linking My Studies contains the following features:

  1. Planner of studies with Module: Enroll lectures and sign in for exams
  2. Schedule: Your personal schedule
  3. Show my enrollments: Overview of your examinations and courses
  4. Achievements: Overview of your achievements
  5. Module Handbook: your module handbook of the TUHH
  6. Student Service: your status, contact details, invoices and payments
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Studies offered

The linking Studies offered contains several options for searching for individual courses of studies. This site is mainly used for the application at the TUHH.

In the following you can find an overview of the most important subitems on this site.

  1. Search for courses: Search bar for courses
  2. Show university course catalog: Course catalog of all the studies offered
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The linking Organisation contains various features all around the campus management.

The linking Facilities allows you to search for rooms and buildings.

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