TUNE helps you to create your timetable. All the information concerning the lectures and group exercises are saved in TUNE so that the exact periods of time of the events and related information are inserted directly in your timetable by the system.

The courses are to be found in My Studies > Planner of studies with Module, there you can create your schedule. Afterwards, you can find your personal timetable in My Studies > Schedule.

After that you can download your schedule as a .ics file and add it to a calendar of your personal preference (SOGo, calendar on your device,...). In the following you can find a detailed instruction how to create your schedule.

Creating my schedule

  1. To create your schedule, open TUNE and click on My Studies. After that, please choose the option Planner of studies with Module.
  2. Now you are on the right page. Please be advised to choose the right suitable preferences. Please select the options exactly as follows: Subject related semester: All, Events: the current semester and Examinations: All.
  3. Now you can either search for your modules in your module plan or you can look it up in the search bar search in course catalog. Then click on the plus sign in front of your desired module.
  4. Now you can see all the courses that are planned for your module (e.g. lectures, group exercises). Click on Apply for every course that you want to take. Please note: the "APPLY" function only serves to transfer the course to the timetable. It is necessary to additionally register in Stud.IP if this is required there.
  5. As soon as you're registered for your courses, a button saying Sign off appears. Courses that you are signed in for will appear in your schedule. You can find the schedule here: My Studies > Schedule.
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Please be advised that lectures and courses from different semesters might lead to overlaps. These might also occur for group exercises. Please check the times of your courses and change them if there is no other possibility.

How to use the schedule correctly

After you successfully created your schedule, you can find it here: My Studies > Schedule. You can have a look at your schedule there or you can change how it is presented to you (e.g. weekly, semester). In addtion you can see your schedules from the last semesters.

You can download your schedule in different displays such as PDF or .ics. You can insert the .ics file in a calendar of your personal preference (e.g. SOGo, calendar on your device,...).

Your schedule contains all the information concerning your lectures: Title, Time, Place, Frequency. The information will be taken on if you import the .ics file to your personal calendar.

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