Room Schedule

In TUNE you can find the room schedule. Especially this is helpful for you or your learning group to find available rooms. You can find the romm schedule in Organisation > Facilities > Show room schedule. You can search for rooms and buildings.

The room schedules show you when a specific room is reserved.

Please only use the rooms if there isn't any registered event. Lectures and courses always take precedence over anything else. In the following you can find a detailed instruction concerning the room schedules.

How to use the room plans correctly

  1. Please open and login with your TUHH account.
  2. Open the linking Organisation > Facilities > Show room schedule.
  3. In the searching area for rooms in the field of Description please type in a room number or a building.
  4. You can specify your quest by filling out the searching fields for Campus and Building.
  5. After that please press the button Search at the bottom or at the top. A new page with the search results will appear.
  6. In the upper left corner there will be shown a list with rooms that are applicable to your search criteria. Please select the right room. Then, the room schedule will be displayed.
  7. You can choose between different display options. Furthermore you can even export the room schedule to PDF or download it as a .ics file.
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