Ship Structural Design II

General information

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  1. Bulkheads and tanks
  2. Structural design of forebodies
  3. Structures in engine rooms
  4. Aft bodies and rudders
  5. Detail structural design
  6. Outfitting
  7. Bulk carriers
  8. Tankers
  9. Container ship
  10. Production-Kind Design in Steel Ship Construction
  11. Buckling Strength and Ultimate Load
  12. Safety Factors and Reliability of Ship Structures

Learning Outcomes


Design and sizing of the different areas of ship structures and of different ship types (incl. detail design); calculation models for complex structures.


Acquaintance with methods for the design and sizing of structural components and details of different ship types and areas of the hull.


Ability to specify the requirements for different ship types and areas of the hull, to define design criteria for the components, to select suitable calculation models and to assess the chosen structure.

Performance Record

homeworks (handed out during exercises)
written test