Ship Structural Design I

General information

Lecture and exercise notes can be retrieved at Stud.Ip.

More Information can be found in the university calendar (at the intranet of the TUHH).



  1. Introduction
  2. Ship Structural Drawings
  3. Class societies and their tasks
  4. Materials for steel shipbuilding
  5. Welding and Cutting
  6. Semi-finished products in steel shipbuilding
  7. Determining the scantlings for local loads
  8. Longitudinal strength of the hull girder
  9. Determining the scantlings of longitudinal structural members
  10. Bottom and Side Structures
  11. Decks and Cargo Hatches
  12. Effective Width of Plates and Flanges
  13. Structural Design with POSEIDON

Learning Outcomes


Fundamentals of codes (rules), materials, semi-finished products, joining and principles of structural design of components in the ship structure.


Acquaintance with the methods of drawing and sizing the ship structure; selection of suitable materials, semi-finished products and joints.


Ability to understand drawings of complex ship structures and to design ship structures for various requirements and boundary conditions.

Performance Record

homeworks (handed out during exercises)