Study abroad in Brazil

The Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in Brazil is an internationally recognized university and the city of São Carlos an attractive destination to get to know culture and life in Brazil.

The IPMT organizes a student exchange at which two students can participate annually. Mainly, the courses are held in Portuguese, although selected events are taught in English. There is also the possibility to work on a project or a thesis.


Application deadline

End of January



The USP remits within the framework of cooperation agreements all the tuition fees. All other costs are borne by the participants. We therefore recommend to apply for financial assistance through scholarships or Auslands-BAFÖG.



The participants of the program have to organize the accommodation autonomously. However, the USP is offering assistance.


Application documents

Letter of motivation and curriculum vitae
bachelors certification (if available), performance record



Volodymyr Alieksieiev


International office

Ms. Berit Illmann
email: illmann(at)tuhh(dot)de
tel: 040 - 42878 2270