Research area in Production Technology

The consistent application of advanced production technologies is an essential foundation to secure the competitiveness of producing companies. Towards this purpose we contribute by researching fundamental issues of production technology with scientific methods, creativity and pragmatism. In addition we develop innovative solutions for our industrial partners, that are fitted to the technical, economical and structural boundary conditions.

Due to rising demands on economic efficiency, durability, comfort and guaranty of products, high-strength materials, metal and synthetic material based composites, as well as tribological protective coatings, are increasingly being used. These materials are characterized by very high, very low or greatly varying strength and toughness and also analogous or different machinability.

Considering an increasing diversity of variants of products, the machining technology is gaining an importance, because of flexibility and economic efficiency. Whereas a safe process control is an indispensable requirement.

Therefore the configuration of the machining processes requires an advanced understanding of the specific material swarf formation and wear procedure, together with an extensive knowledge of the new materials. With the assistance of experimental methods for process analysis, numerical simulation and visualization techniques, as well as the interdisciplinary collaboration with the materials sciences, it is possible to develop more suitable cutting materials and tools with which elastic deformation processes with high strength and ultra soft processing, as well as border zone damages on composite materials, can be avoided.