Module Production Technology (Fertigungstechnik 2 für HWI Students)

The by IPMT offered lecture "Forming and Cutting Technology" is part of the module "Production Technology" and corresponds to the lecture "Fertigungstechnik 2" for the HWI-Students.

Content of the lecture "Forming and Cutting Technology" of the Module "Production Technology"

  • thermomechanical and material modes of action and models of shaping and cutting

  • chip formation / forces / temperatures during cutting with defined and not defined cutting edges

  • wear mechanisms and shapes

  • formability and machinability of materials, processing of lightweight materials

  • tool materials and coatings

  • methods and parameters for dimensioning and analysis of shaping and cutting tools and processes

Registration and further information

For the participation in the lecture a registration in the corresponding event on the e-learning platform StudIP is compulsory. All lecture ressources and information are provided there. The registration for TUHH students is possible until the 7th of November 2022. The registration password is announced in the first lecture.

Additionally, for HWI students who can not register in StudIP, the lecture ressources are provided over the OwnCloud of TUHH. The access and password for this you will get through STiNe. There you will it under "Fertigungstechnik II" and "Info". The contents are identical with StudIP.

Date and location

The lecture is held in German, only in winter terms and takes place mondays at 16:45  - 19:15. The first lecture of the winter term 22/23 is on the 17th of October 2022. The further organisation carried out on the StudIP platform. There will be no weekly separation for the lecture and the lecture hall exercise. I.e. all lectures will be held firstly and the lecture hall exercises will be organised as a block.


Type and duration: written exam

  • 90 minutes Forming and Cutting Technology
  • 90 minutes Production Technology II for HWI students
  • 180 minutes for module Production Technology

Date and location: See the notice of the examination office

Exam announcement and hints: click here

Further information you will find on the e-learning platform StudIP. Please note, that a subscription in the current semester, in which the lecture takes place, is compulsory. Otherwise there you will not obtain the most actual information.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Dege

Person in Support

Dipl.-Ing. Denys Romanenko

Lasse Evers, M. Sc.