Research Project

Stability and Grid Control in Transmission Systems with inverter-coupled resources


During the switch from fossil to renewable energy generation, there is a change in the generation structure. While conventional energy systems such as coal-fired power plants are successively being shut down, there is a growing number of inverter-coupled resources such as wind turbines or photovoltaic systems. This brings about new challenges in terms of grid stability and grid control.

In the past, the reserves for grid-building capabilities of conventional power plants were sufficient to ensure stable and secure transmission grid operation even during disturbances. In the future, however, inverter-coupled resources must have grid-forming capabilities to ensure that the stability of the subsystems and the overall system is not jeopardized when the conventional plants are shut down. The research area focuses on grid control, which ensures the necessary stability requirements.



Christina Eckel



01.06.2021 to 31.05.2025

Funding organization

Hamburg University of Technology