ProjektnameErforschung von elektronenmikroskopischen Verfahren zur Messung der Form von Mikrotastspitzen
ProjektleiterDr.-Ing. Martin Ritter

The BeEM is part of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 986, so-called "Tailor-Made Multi Scale Materials Systems". The Collaborative Research Center was established in 20212 by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The SFB conducts basic research for a new class of materials that combine material properties that have not previously corresponded. Webpage of SFB 986. Zur Webseite des SFB 986.

If you click on the BeEM Wiki logo, you will get to the BeEM knowledge base with instructions, tips, error descriptions and much more about electron microscopy. The BeEM Wiki was launched in 2016 and is constantly being expanded!