Leo 1530 (SEM with FE Gun)

Like the Zeiss Supra 55 VP, the Leo Gemini 1530 is a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) from Zeiss. By combining a field emission cathode (FEG, also Schottky emitter) with the GEMINI® column, it achieves also a remarkable image quality with high resolution even at low acceleration voltages, almost reaching the qualities of the Zeiss Supras.

With an acceleration voltage of 30 kV, the microscope achieves a resolution of approx. 1 nm.

The microscope, purchased in 1998, was renewed in terms of software and hardware in 2006 and corresponds to a modern FEG-SEM.

It is therefore a good alternative to the Zeiss Supra, since the hourly rate of EUR 20 is also considerably cheaper than the Zeiss Supra (EUR 35). The minimum booking time is also only 1 hour (Zeiss Supra 2h!).

In addition to an SE 2 detector (SE2 = secondary electrons 2), the user has an In-Lens detector and a 4-quadrant backscatter electron detector (QBSD) at his disposal. An analysis system from OXFORD INSTRUMENTS, which was renewed in 2011, is available to the user for an element analysis. The INCA software is used here coupled with a 10 mm2 silicon drift detector (SDD), which also allows fast element mapping.

Leo 1530, Photo: Timmermann, ca. 2013

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