Completed Theses

Master Theses

  • Entwicklung eines Connectivity Boards für autonome mobile Roboter und fahrerlose Transportfahrzeuge
    Student: Jannes Hagemann
    Supervisor: Christian Renner
  • Konzeption und Analyse eines Heizsystems für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien
    Student: Jannick Brockmann
    Contact: Prof. Bernd-Christian Renner
  • FPGA-Accelerated Signal Processing for a Tiny, Low-Power Acoustic Underwater Modem 
    Student: Sven Wrieden
    Contact: Prof. Bernd-Christian Renner
  • WiFi-Enabled and Solar-Powered Sensors for Smart Ports
    Student: Jan Heitmann (University of Lübeck)
    Contact: Bernd-Christian Renner

Bachelor Theses

  • Parameter Identification for a Lithium-Ion Battery
    Student: Mouaz Al Shbib
    Supervisor: Wiebke Frenkel
  • Simulation-based feasibility analysis of quadcopter precision landing
    Student: Moritz Bäcker
    Contact: Christian Busse
  • Experimental Evaluation of Acoustic Underwater Positioning Accuracy using Real-Time Kinematic GNSS
    Student: Thore Hertrampf
    Contact: Christian Busse

Project Works

  • Modeling and Experimental System Identification of an Underwater Robot
    Student: Jan Reich
    Contact: Christian Busse
  • Inertial Sensor-based Position Estimation for an Underwater Vehicle
    Student: Aysha Sundas
    Contact: Christian Busse
  • Energy-Aware Scheduling and Solar-Harvesting Prediction on an Ultra-Low-Power Co-Processor 
    Student: Alexander Sowarka
    Contact: Lars Hanschke