Test tank

For the experiments at the flood abatement systems

For the experiments at the flood abatement systems, a large water basin was built in the Centre of Climate Adaptation Research (KLIFF). It is a basin out of watertight concrete and has the dimensions of 20m long, 15m wide and 2m high. It can be divided into three sub-basins by demountable walls. In the front and in the right sub-basins the test rig can be deployed. In the inner area of the test rig, which is sealed off from the water body, a sump of 0.125 m (0.5x0.5x0.5m) was built into the base plate. It collects all the water which seeps through or under the flood abatement system. The following tests are carried out within the basin:

  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Hydrostatic load test
  • Hydrodynamic load test
  • Debris load test
  • Durability test

The following measuring devices record all important state parameters and flow parameters:

  • Pressure sensor in the pump sump to measure the leakage rate

  • A mini-ADCP and ADV probe to measure the flow velocity
  • A digital camera to document with video and photos the measured data
  • Measurement of flow velocity based on the Faraday principle (FLO-MATE)
  • Pulley with rotational speed measuring device for determining the flotsam