Strategic Alliance for integrated Water management Actions

The project aims to adapt existing water management systems to the effects of extreme flood events due to climate change focusing on sustainable development of society and regional economies. This will be achieved by compiling a common adaptive implementation strategy within the SAWA partnership for the EC Flood Directive (FD), which is closely linked with
the Water Framework Directive (WFD). To test this strategy different pilot flood risk management plans (FRMP) are developed in a transnational partnership context, using new adaptive structural and non-structural measures.
In partnership of the five North Sea - Neighbouring Countries, SAWA is developed with such an alliance in three thematically linked and complementary areas:

  • WP 1: Development and testing of adaptive flood risk management plans
  • WP 2: Identification of best practices of adaptive measures to quantify their effectiveness
  • WP 3: Build capacity of stakeholders

As a result, flood risk management plans are to be developed in the partner countries. In Hamburg, the small urban catchment of the Wandse rives has been selected as a pilot area.
The Institute of River and Coastal Engineering is involved in the project with the following activities:

  • Development of a governance strategy for the implementation of a flood risk management plan for the Wandse river in accordance with the EC Flood Directive
  • Lead of WP 1, with the emphasis on coordination of exchange of experience between the partners in their development of flood risk management plans
  • Development of learning material for capacity building of stakeholders within the governance process
  • Contribution to the Master Course “ Integrated Flood Risk Management” with teaching material (e- lectures and course material)
  • Further development and support of stakeholders in the implementation of decision support systems (KALYPSO, FLORETO) within the governance process

Further information:
Project start:01.06.2008
Project end: 31.12.2011
Funding:Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer (LSBG)
Contact Person:Natasa Manojlovic (Project management, flood risk, governance)
Niloufar Behzadnia (Hydrology, alumnus)