Open Bachelor Topics

Below you will find the current topic proposals of the Institute for bachelor theses.

  • If you require further (detailed) information on individual topics, please contact the supervising employee directly by e-mail or telephone. We are always open to constructive ideas for a possible adaptation of topics.
  • Please also send your application for a specific topic directly to the supervising employee. The application documents should include a current curriculum vitae as well as your most important certificates and degrees.

Planning of the Road Network at the Quayside of Container Terminals

In the constructional planning of a container terminal, the layout of the quayside is planned at an early stage. This also includes the route network for the means of horizontal transport (lanes, one-way streets, ...). In the thesis, you will conduct a simulation study evaluating alternative road networks at the quayside. Real initial layouts can also be taken from satellite imagery (Google Maps or Google Earth Pro). In the simulation, the main focus is on the waiting times of the ship-to-shore gantry cranes for their means of horizontal transport. However, you equally scale the size of the vehicular fleet and examine the productivity of the vehicles - how long does it take a vehicle to successfully deliver or pick up a container at the ship-to-shore gantry crane? How long do they have to wait at the ship-to-shore container gantry crane? [more]

Investigation of the localisation accuracy of the Boston Dynamic SPOT® robot

Walking robots such as the Spot® from Boston Dynamics offer unique advantages over traditional robots. However, just like these, they rely on precise localization in order to fulfil their tasks. The aim of this bachelor or project work is to examine and compare the different localization methods of the Spot® robot and to investigate their possible areas of application as well as the achievable accuracies and reliability. [more]