I³-Junior Project - Highly Immersive Virtual Reality Applications for Maritime Systems

Within the project the Institute of Technical Logistics and the Institute of Maritime Logistics work together on the development of a prototype for the simulation of multi-user training scenarios for the maritime sector based on a motion capture system.

Project duration 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2021
Project funding funded by Administration for Science, Research and Equality Hamburg
Our status Projekt partner
Contact person Marvin Kastner
Project partners
  • TUHH Institute of Technical Logistics
  • TUHH Institute of Maritime Logistics


The I³-Junior Project dealt with the integration of localization data from motion capture systems into virtual reality applications. Thus, new possibilities for increasing the immersion of Virtual Reality applications were developed as well as improved approaches for modeling realistic interactions of several persons in virtual environments.

The project developed a prototype virtual reality training application for firefighters on a ship. In the initial phases of the project, a suitable training scenario was first designed. To develop the prototype training application, a solution was developed to integrate the motion capture tracking data of the training participants into the virtual environment. For this purpose, the localization data of the motion capture system was merged with the localization data of the virtual reality headset. The evaluation and testing phase focused on possible improvements compared to previous physical training scenarios, taking into account potentials in terms of development effort and costs of virtual training.


Publications (Excerpt)

  • Braun, Philipp and Grafelmann, Michaela and Gill, Felix and Stolz, Hauke and Hinckeldeyn, Johannes and Lange, Ann-Kathrin (2022). Virtual Reality for Immersive Multi-User Firefighter Training Scenarios. Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware. 4. (5), 406-417 [Abstract] [pdf] [doi] [www]