Serkan Nohut

Thema: Reliability of Advanced Ceramics: Macro- and Mesoscale Investigations

Fach: Werkstoffwissenschaften

Betreuer: Prof. Gerold Schneider

Status: Projekt abgeschlossen, Dissertation publiziert unter dem Titel "Reliability of Advanced Ceramics: Macro- and Mesoscale Investigations" (Göttingen 2009)



In the last 30 years, the potential for advanced ceramics has been realised with the advances of understanding in ceramic chemistry, crystallography and the more extensive knowledge gained in regard to the production. However one of the most important criteria which embarrasses the wide spread of the application of advanced ceramics is reliability. In this dissertation, reliability analysis of advanced ceramics is performed on macro- and mesoscale. In the macroscale, the failure probability analysis and the design of ceramic coil springs, ceramic displacing piston of a stirling engine and ceramic finger rings were performed. In the mesoscale, by using the Distinct Element Method, the effect of average grain size on the crack-tip toughness of alumina was investigated.