Master Course in "Energy Management" at

  •         The University of Tripoli
  •          Sebha University
  •          University of Benghazi

The Master program has been developed through an EU (European Union)-funded project called TEMPUS, which supports the modernization of higher education through university cooperation projects. The course "Energy Management" has been designed in cooperation with four European universities.

The specific goal of MC-EnMa is the development and implementation of a Master Course in "Energy Management" at the University of Tripoli, Sebha University and University of Benghazi.

Main objectives of the project:

Goal of the Mc-EnMa project is to support Libyan universities during the on-going restructuring process after the civil war on their way to meet European higher education standards in the medium term. Additionally, a contribution to an improved energy management within the Libyan energy system will be made taking e.g. environmental aspects into consideration.

Due to huge oil and gas resources the Libyan energy system is primarily based on fossil fuels so far, even though they have a great potential in renewable energies - especially for the use of direct solar radiation for heat and/or electricity generation as well as wind for electricity provision. Thus the specific goal of the Mc-EnMa project is the development and implementation of a Master Course "Energy Management" given the students a detailed insight to all aspects related to energy with a special focus on Libyan conditions. This includes aspects like energy efficiency, energy trading and markets, fossil and renewable sources of energy as well as energy transport, energy use and sustainability aspects.

This MC will be implemented in three universities in Libya. It will be designed to be easily transferable to other universities with a similar structure. To ensure a high quality of the results as well as a sustainable implementation within the Libyan partner universities a quality management system will be implemented throughout the overall project as well as the Master Course itself. This includes e.g. a "train the trainer"-course and a quality assessment system for the various courses. The content of the courses will be available in English as well as probably in Arabic to contribute to an incremental opening of the Libyan universities to non-Arabic students. The participating universities from Libya will also develop a promotion kit to make this MC more popular in their country. Beside this the content of the different courses will be made available on the web to allow an easy access for all students.

Partners within the project:

                    Hamburg University of Technology (coordinator)

                    Università degli Studi di Firenze

                    University of Innsbruck

                    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

                    University of Tripoli

                    Sebha University

                    University of Benghazi