The Green Team


Here we present another success story, the initiative of a group of girls, known as the “Green Team”, from Durban Girls´ College (South Africa), whose mission is to transform their school into an environmentally conscious institution.
One of the projects the team undertook was to collaborate with Umcebo Design, already featuring in our Gallery, to make one of their beautiful chandeliers, now proudly displayed in their school, as a symbol of commitment to recycling and sustainability.
The story follows, in the words of the team leader,
Julia van der Westhuyzen


The Durban Girls´College Chandelier

“In the mid morning autumn light, a group of eleven young, excited girls gathered under the trees at the Umcebo Design’s head quarters. Ranging from ages 14 to 18, the pupils of Durban Girls´ College chatted amongst themselves and started exploring black bags brimming with plastic bottles, CDs and plastic tubs.
"Why?" You ask  
To build a chandelier, of course!
Umcebo Design is an amazing organization that strives to create valuable, ethical and durable artwork from recycled material. The pupils at Durban Girls´ College have been inspired to promote environmental sustainability and have recently formed a "Green Team" to undertake  environmental affairs not only at their school but also in the Durban community. Apart from taking part in beach clean ups, organizing plastic collections and promoting sustainability, these girls decided to build a chandelier for their school, with plastic collected at school. This chandelier is currently hanging in the new building of their school and is being used to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. It is also representative of the school’s commitment to promote a green, sustainable future for itself and for the local community.
Another project which the girls hope to implement in the near future is the switch to sustainable energy in the form of solar panels. If the funding requirements are met, this project will come into action later this year”.
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Please see PHOTOS below


Carrying bags full of plastic

Cutting plastic into leaves

The frame

Tying it all together

And having fun!

Team Work

The DGC chandelier

In its home