Hangzhou Environmental Group Ltd.

Hangzhou Environmental Group Ltd. in China (www.cnlandfill.net) takes care of Hangzhou city`s waste which amounts to about 4,500 t/d. The activities of the group comprise of waste collection, transportation, ecological landfilling, incineration, biogas power generation, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, environmental consulting, road sweeping and cleaning, property management, environmental education, external development and other business models. The company won many awards thanks to the highest quality standard of their landfill and all the associated technical installations, their environmentally sound management and many environmental activities such as the construction and operation of a beautifully designed ecological park on part of the landfill which is also used for the education of school children and other groups.
The organization also promotes the relationship between waste and art through their journal “Garbage and Culture”, with art and design installations made from waste materials, on their landfill site, and with art exhibitions and  concerts taking place in their highly sophisticated cultural center. In our exhibition we aim to showcase some of the group’s activities which, we believe, are really extraordinary not only for a waste management company.
"A handful of soil, under the burning of biogas produced from waste, turned to an exquisite Tianzi Mountain ceramic seal. A waste bulldozer, become irreversible “Huitian” Hercules. An old bed, combined into exquisitely crafted wooden bench. A pile of waste paper, become wedding dress, just like the butterfly pupae into the beautiful butterfly. An old plastic bottles, appearing new look after wearing “jacket”.
In fact, garbage is misplaced resources. Through the creative use of waste materials, people can work out environmental goods and work of art, which can enhance the public’s environmental awareness, show the creator’s manipulative ability and article style, as well as standing out the modern delight of life and spirit, that is healthy, lively and innovative." (cited from the Hangzhou Company Ltd. brochure)


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