Vincent Bernemann, M.Sc.

Eißendorfer Str. 38

Building O, Room 1.015

21073 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 42878 - 2603

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Vincent Bernemann completed his apprenticeship as a plant mechanic at Evonik Industries AG from 2011 to 2015. At the same time, he completed a degree in Industrial Service Management at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund.

From 2015, he deepened his training by studying process engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg, initially in the bachelor's program and from 2019 in the master's program. Since graduating in 2021, he is employed as a research assistant at the Institute for Multiphase Flows.


As part of the multiphase bioreactor research group, Vincent Bernemann investigates single-use bioreactors in various scales from 250 mL to 2000 L. In collaboration with Sartorius Stedim GmbH, the reactors are characterized and optimized experimentally with respect to various process parameters such as mass transfer, bubble size distribution, energy input and mixing time.

  • Fundamentals of Material Engineering



  • Bernemann, V.; Fitschen, J.; Leupold, M.; Scheibenbogen, K.-H.; Maly, M.; Hoffmann, M.; Wucherpfennig, T.; Schlüter, M. (2024). Characterization Data for the Establishment of Scale-Up and Process Transfer Strategies between Stainless Steel and Single-Use Bioreactors. Fluids. 9. (5), [Abstract] [doi] [www]