Welcome to the Institute of Multiphase Flows

Multiphase flows are used to produce almost all products of our daily life, such as beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fuels, polymers, paints or even drinking water from wastewater. Therefore, understanding and controlling multiphase flows plays an important role in future processes.  The Institute of Multiphase Flows is investigating the intensification of mixing and mass transfer between fluids, bubbles, droplets, and particles from the micrometer to the industrial scale with experimental analysis and numerical simulations. This enables biochemical and chemical reactions with higher yield and selectivity and the production of more sustainable products. This knowledge in tailoring multiphase flows is applied to SMART reactors, which will be able to autonomously adjust operating conditions, enabling new renewable resource processes that are essential to face climate change.


Please join us on the journey to future processes in multiphase flows.

Yours Michael Schlüter