Research groups at the Institute for Multiphase Flows

Research at the Institute for Multiphase Flows is divided into several research groups. An overview of the groups, their areas of expertise and the contact persons can be found below.

Reactive Bubbly Flows

Group leader: Dr.-Ing. Felix Kexel

Research fields

  • Taylor Flows

  • Fine bubbles and ultrafine bubbles

  • Bubble size distributions

  • Pressurized multiphase systems

  • Identification and overcoming of mass transfer limitations

  • High-performance multiphase reactors

Multiphase Flows in Bioreactors

Group leader: Sebastian Hofmann, M.Sc.

Research fields

  • Heterogeneities in Bioreactors

  • Lagrangian Sensor Particles

  • Local shear stress distribution

  • Local mixing time distribution

  • Local bubble size distributions

  • Local mass transfer performance

  • Scale-up, Scale-down

Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics

Group leader: Dr.-Ing. Marko Hoffmann

Research fields

  • Turbulence in Multiphase Flows

  • Bubbles in Turbulence

  • Reactive Flows in Micro-Reactors

  • Evaluation of Lagrangian Coherent Structures and compartments

SMART Reactors

Group leader: PD Dr. habil. Monika Johannsen

This group is associated to the DFG Collaboration Center SFB1615 SMART Reactors

Industrial Research Projects

Group leader: Marc Maly, M.Sc.

Research fields and skills

  • Scale-up, Scale-down

  • Heterogeneities in Bioreactors

  • Development of Measuring Methods for Multiphase Flows

  • Characterisation of Reactors and Equipment

  • Transfer of Processes
  • Optimisation Investigations