Sebastian Hofmann, M.Sc.

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DFG Priority Program SPP2170 "Interzell"

CHOLife: Multiscale experimental analysis and simulation of lifelinces in bioreactors to study their impact on the cultivation performance of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

For the detailed understanding of cultivation processes it is indispensable to get deep insights into the overall and local hydrodynamics with high spatial and temporal resolution because velocity gradients and mixing are dominating concentration gradients (pH, O2, CO2), shear-stress as well as the mass transfer performance. 

CHOLife tackles the scale-up problem linking the unique access to a 12,000 L cell culture bioreactor (Institute of Multiphase Flows, TUHH Hamburg, IMS) with the development of a novel scale-up device (Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Stuttgart, IBVT) finally to predict industrial scale performance of IgG1 producing CHO cells. In essence, three dimensional flow trajectories and lifelines will be measured at IMS and mimicked in the novel scale-up simulator of IBVT. The close cooperation of both parties ensures a successful scale-down of large scale conditions and an equally successful prediction of large-scale performance of CHO cells cultured in the novel scale-up simulator.



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