Marc Maly, M.Sc.

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Industrial Research Projects

The Institute of Multiphase Flows (IMS) has several partners in different industries, with whom is collaborated on research projects.

In my first project, the topic of three-phase-operated reactors in the chemical industry and the major challenge posed by the interaction of the different phases was tackled. In the course of this project, an airlift reactor was designed and operated at the IMS on a pilot scale and the scale-up for a process with liquid, gaseous and solid phases was investigated. Particular importance was given to the discharge of the solid phase, with selected results being presented at the 1. Hamburg-Bochumer Mehrphasensymposium (Experimental Analysis of the Solids Discharge in a Three-Phase Airlift Loop Reactor).

In the context of another project, that was conducted in close cooperation with Jürgen Fitschen, the hydrodynamics of a stirred tank reactor, as used for example in the pharmaceutical industry, was investigated. For these investigations, an acrylic twin of the commercially available reactor was designed and manufactured at IMS. A wide range of measurements were conducted, while various parameters (e.g. aeration, energy input, medium) were varied, to gather insight into bubble size distributions, mass transfer and general operation behaviour. Further investigations for deeper insights into selected topics is still on-going.

A current project is concerned with the optimisation of a chemical process. The task of the IMS lies within measurements in a pilot-scale jet-loop reactor in an air/water-system, which are conducted to provide a data basis for later comparisons. In the meantime, copies of a scaled-down version of the pilot plant are designed and manufactured. In these copies, the experiments are condcuted again in the air/water-system and also in the original material system, to gain insight into how different phenomena transfer between systems. The gathered data give insight on how these processes can be scaled up to levels above pilot plant scale.



Graduate Teaching Assistent




Available Master's Thesis

Supervised Theses

  • "Design of a Pressure- and Chemical-Resistant Jet-Loop Reactor by Scale-Down from Pilot-Plant to Laboratory Scale and Subsequent Characterisation", Steffen Schaper, Master thesis, 2021
  • "Experimental Determination of the Oxygen Mass Transfer Performance and the Bubble Size Distribution of a 200 L Single-Use Aerated Stirred Tank Reactor", Rajat Srivastava, Master thesis (supervision in cooperation with Jürgen Fitschen), 2021

  • "Experimental Analysis of the Solids Discharge in a Three-Phase Operated Airlift Loop Reactor", Anna-Christin Menzel, Bachelor thesis, 2020


Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Maly, M.; Hoffmann, M., Schlüter, M.: Experimental Analysis of the Solids Discharge in a Three-Phase Airlift Loop Reactor, 1. Hamburg-Bochumer Mehrphasensymposium, Hamburg/Bochum, online conference, 2020, poster presentation
  • Pesch, S.; Maly, M.; Jaeger, P.; Malone, K.; Krause, D.; Schlüter, M.: Experimental Investigation of the Rise Behavior of Live-Oil Droplets during Deep-Sea Oil Spills, Advancing Oil Spill Research, Part 2, Webinar, Marine Technology Society (MTS), 2018, oral presentation
  • Pesch, S.; Maly, M.; Jaeger, P.; Malone, K.; Krause, D.; Schlüter, M.: Experimental Investigation of the Rise Behavior of Gas-Saturated Crude-Oil Droplets under High Pressure, 6th Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2018, oral presentation
  • Maly, M.; Pesch, S.; Schlüter, M.: Die Tiefsee im Labor – Wie eine Ölkatastrophe an der TUHH erforscht wird, 2. Maritime Nacht an der TUHH, Hamburg, Germany, 2018, oral presentation



  • Fitschen, J.; Maly, M.; Rosseburg, A.; Wutz, J.; Wucherpfennig, T.; Schlüter, M.; (2019). Influence of Spacing of Multiple Impellers on Power Input in an Industrial?Scale Aerated Stirred Tank Reactor. Chemie Ingenieur Techni. 91. 1794-1801 [Abstract] [doi]