Control Lab


With the purpose of putting into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in the courses offered by our Institute, this lab offers the possibility of gaining experimental experience to any student who wants to design, implement and test feedback loops in real systems.

The lab is not graded, and 2 ECTS, 4 ECTS or 3ECTS points are awarded once two, four or three projects selected by the student have been completed successfully. The focus is on guiding students into controller design and implementation on real-time mechanical systems. Tasks such as modelling, system identification, controller design, tuning and implementation will be part of the projects.

The Control Lab consists of currently six projects, out of which two, three or four have to be selected and completed in order to earn 2, 3 or 4 ECTS points. Each project requires successful completion of preliminary tasks with results submitted to us, before students are admitted to the experimental session. The experiments are conducted in groups of two or three students.

Each project is associated with one of the lecture courses offered by the Institute; currently available are:



Students who want to participate in the Control Lab should either have completed or be attending the courses corresponding to the selected projects. Good Matlab skills are expected.