Institute of Control Systems

The Institute of Control Systems (Institut für Regelungstechnik) conducts research and teaching on various aspects of control engineering, systems theory, and cybernetics at TUHH. The institute comprises the groups of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Annika Eichler, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Timm Faulwasser and Prof. Dr. Herbert Werner.

In lectures and labs, we provide the fundamental control education for all concerned bachelor and master programmes at TUHH. Jointly with our students, we explore the frontiers of systems and control research in advanced courses and seminars. We enable our students to solve application-relevant problems through mathematical abstraction.

Our method-oriented research is focused on:

  • Optimization-based and predictive control
  • Data-driven and learning-based control
  • Data-driven fault detection
  • Distributed control algorithms for cyber-physical systems
  • Systems theory for learning of dynamics

We consider various application domains, e.g.,

  • Multi-agent systems and mechatronics
  • Multi-energy systems and energy grids
  • Particle accelerators, medical engineering
  • Climate economics, process control, …

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Workshop on Advanced Control and Communication in Networked Systems

06.-08. Juni 2024 at TUHH